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…In AUGUSTA TIME you’ll find out how true this is!

Earn TIME points every time you shop or by simply performing an action such as create an account, invite friends or subscribe to our newsletter. And then turn those TIME points into DISCOUNTS or MONEY….or, if you’re in the mood, share them with your friends!





For every Euro(€) you spend you earn 1 TIME point. This way 10 TIME points equals 1€, so every time you shop, you’re actually earning money!


Performing Actions

This is what you can do to earn more TIME points:

- Open an Account = 100 TIME points
- Subscribe Newsletter = 5 TIME points
- It’s your Birthday = 50 TIME points


Affiliate Program

Invite your friends to join and earn EVEN MORE TIME points:

- Referral – For every friend that opens an account = 10 TIME points
- He/she makes the FIRST purchase = 30 TIME points
- ALL the next purchases = 30% of their earned TIME points
(Exp.: They win 500 TIME points, you earn 150 TIME points)


I LUUUUUUV my Friend!

The TIME points can be shared with all your loved ones…and they can share them with you!

Send TIME points on their Birthday, on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day…well, whenever you’re in the mood (!)

Or…you can simply buy TIME points and send them as a gift or simply give them away to your friends!
(Don’t forget you can also ask for TIME points as a gift!)


SPEND TIME POINTS (the fun part!...)

As we said before TIME points turn into Discounts or Real Money.


DISCOUNTS….Soooo Sweeet!

So, if you want to buy some items, which the value is lower than 100€, your TIME points turn into Discount:

100 TIME points = 10% Discount

And you can spend up to 300 TIME points, which equals a 30% Discount!



If you want to spend more than 100€…that’s when the TIME points turn into REAL MONEY: 100 TIME points = 10€ (and so on….)

And….there’s no limit for spending your points, and you can even buy things just using points!

For instance you buy a Watx & Colors King Kong Chronograph - Black (73.09€) for you…and a Watx & Colors Original - Digital Watch Red & Rhinestones Bezel (36.50€) for your daughter, but…

You also want the white bracelet for your watch (Watx & Colors King Kong - White Rubber Bracelet – 9.76€), you can exchange 100 TIME points and get it for FREE!

Well, or you can exchange 200 TIME points and get 1 free bracelet for your daughters watch as well!



In the “My Account” section you can manage all your TIME points. In the left menu you will find the “My Referrals” and “My Points and Rewards” buttons.


My Referrals

Here you can find all you need to invite your friends:
Just enter your friend’s emails, and they will receive the invitation with your referral code. They just need to hit the link on the email and register, and, Voilá! You win TIME points!



Bellow, you can manage your referrals, who has registered and who hasn’t….and if they haven’t…you can email them again!




My Points and Rewards

Here is where you can show all your LUV for your friends…and send them TIME points! (Remember they have to register first)



Below, you can also see your TIME points balance, your Earnings and your Spending’s…so you don’t waste any TIME!




RULES AND EXCEPTIONS (every rule as one of these!)…

Remember that the minimum TIME points you can exchange is 100, and always in batches of 100.

and…unfortunately… you cannot exchange TIME points from the Outlet or Best Deals sections (these items are already at FABULOUS prices)

….Oh, and you cannot exchange TIME points buying TIME points! You will get a Bonus for those!


And finally, check the resume board bellow to help you manage your TIME points!









  Account sign up 100  
  Newsletter sign up 5  
  Your Birthday 50  
  Buy Products 1 point for each Euro spent  





  Friend opens account 5  
  Friend makes 1st purchase 30  
  All following purchases made by friend 10% of points they earn  









  100 TIME points 10% Discount  
  200 TIME points 20% Discount  





  Each 100 TIME points equals
10 Euros